Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland, Canada Feb 2007

Dear Miranda+Shindouk-
Thank you ever so much for the kind gifts! They were so thoughtful and we will certainly treasure them a very long time. We plan to mill the salt once we return home, + each time we do so we will remember the wonderful hospitality of you both. It was so refreshing to finally find such kind and helpful people after travelling amidst so many others who seemed more interested in just parting us from our money. It is because of you that we will always have fond memories of Timbuktu. So next winter, when we're back home + back to work thougths + memories of your hospitality + your beautiful town will help us through the cold months.

We will stay in touch + if you ever find yourselves in St. John's - or if you plan a trip to Cape Breton - Please let us know! All the best! Your Canadian Freinds!

Kelly and Karl